Monday, October 4, 2010

Robb Moss

Robb Moss's The Tourist (1991) is an autobiographical reflection on the difficulties of one couple trying to have a child, interwoven with footage from Moss's career as a documentary cameraman. The film's wealth of imagery, such as kids with scrap-made pretend movie cameras and microphones who "film" the film crew, makes a case that documentaries about the third world are often more touristy than revelatory. Moss's candid, witty, and moving narration ranges from observations on filmmaking ("the worse things get for the people you are filming, the better that is for the film.") to insights on infertility. Moss has never released a DVD of the film, and it can only be seen at rare public screenings or at an archive, viewable on this Steenbeck editing table (above).
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