Monday, June 28, 2010

José Padilha

José Padilha's Bus 174 (2002) is particularly remarkable for editing (credited to co-director Felipe Lacerda). The film pulls together a wide range of documentary elements to explain (but not excuse) the brutality of a young kidnapper, Sandro de Nascimento, who held several passengers hostage at gunpoint on a bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June of 2000. The filmmakers use television footage of the kidnapping for the basic storyline of Bus 174, often cutting away to sequences explaining Sandro's background (he lived on the streets after witnessing the murder of his mother, for example) and documenting the terrible local conditions for both homeless street kids and people in jail. Sandro himself foreshadows his own fate when he calls attention to the massacre, at the hands of the police, of several street children at Rio's Candelária church (bottom still).
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