Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kevin Rafferty

Still from Harvard Beats Yale 29-29
Still from Kevin Rafferty documentary
Interview from
Interview from Kevin Rafferty's documentary

Kevin Rafferty was the one-man crew for his thoroughly entertaining documentary, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (2008). His interview set-ups have a homey, improvisational look, with an in-the-kitchen comfort that must have put his interviewees at ease. Rafferty did his own editing as well, allowing 1968 television footage of the game to run without unneeded interruption. Besides the fun and suspenseful explication of one memorable football game, the documentary offers a revealing look at a group of privileged 60-year-old men and the beyond-campus turbulence of that 1968 year.

Update: An alert reader pointed out a great interview with Kevin Rafferty, by Connor Ennis for the New York Times.
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